Install an SSL Certificate
Posted by CTX Admin on 08 August 2014 11:19 AM

Obtain an SSL Certificate

We can provide you with a SSL certificate for $39.95/year. If you'd like to buy it from someone else we fully support those as well.

Install an SSL Certificate

Assign Your Site

There are two IP addresses assigned to your server. You'll need to assign the site you want to implement the SSL on to the second IP address (the first IP is your main "shared" IP):

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Navigate to IP Functions, then Change Site's IP Address
    It will take four hours to update. You'll see a cPanel welcome page when you visit the website until it has had time to update
  3. Login to the domain's cPanel
  4. Navigate to the Security section, then click SSL/TSL Manager

    SSL/TLS Manager
  5. Generate a Private Key and then generate a CSR (more about CSRs and RSAs here)
  6. When you purchase a SSL certificate, you'll need to paste the CSR info into the order form (regardless of where you purchase the certificate from)

    Note: If you'd like to order an SSL cert from us, just contact Billing and we'll get it rolling for you. See more info on SSL certificates in our overview articleas.

    The certificate issuer will send you the certificate or make it available for download. They may also include a certificate bundle/intermediate certificate.

Set Up the SSL

When you're ready and have acquired all the necessary info:

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Navigate to SSL/TLS, then Install and Manage SSL for Your Site, then click Manage SSL Sites
  3. Paste in the certificate (all the text starting with 'Begin Certificate' and ending with 'End Certificate')as well as the private key and intermediate certificates

    Install SSL
  4. Click Submit
  5. Once the new IP address has updated and you don't see the cPanel welcome page for that site, test it out with https in the URL, like

    Note: for SSL only one domain can have the IP address. If you need multiple domains to have SSL, you'll need to purchase additional IP addresses and have them assigned to your VPS.
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