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Posted by CTX Admin on 05 January 2015 10:49 AM

To report abuse, please send an email to Check out the guidelines below regarding Abuse situations. We will take prompt action based on the information included in the abuse report.

Subpoena Policy

If you wish to submit a subpoena to Cirtex, please review the procedures outlined in our Subpoena Policy.

Spam and Spamvertising

Spam and Spamvertising, Unsolicited Bulk/Commercial Email, and such are prohibited by Cirtex's Terms of Service.

In your abuse report, please include the full headers of the email received. To ensure accuracy, please do not modify the headers or body in any way. Modifying or omitting any information is considered an incomplete report and may delay attention to the matter.

DMCA Complaints

Cirtex will take prompt action in response to properly formatted copyright complaints. To report a copyright violation by a site hosted at Cirtex, please submit your complaint in the format of a DMCA Takedown Notice. We will insist on this format to maintain Safe Harbor Provisions.

Phishing Sites

Please include the URL for any phishing sites hosted here. We will remove the files and/or suspend the site in question promptly.

The majority of phishing sites hosted at Cirtex are typically uploaded to the customer's account through a third-party script with a security vulnerability. This allows an attacker to upload files without the customer's knowledge. We may remove the files and notify the customer or suspend access to the site at our discretion. If you are a representative of an organization requesting access to log information to track the source of the files, please let us know that you intend to subpoena the information so we can hold the files pending your court order. Normally, the log files are automatically rotated out after seven days on each server and may not be available otherwise.

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