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Set Up Custom Nameservers on Your HostV Account
Posted by Cirtex John on 16 May 2008 07:17 PM

Note: this tutorial is applicable for HostV customers only.

Your HostV VPS or Dedicated service plan includes two Dedicated IP addresses that can be used for your sites, as well as for custom nameservers. Custom nameservers are '' and '' instead of, for example, '' and ''. This allows you to brand your services, and ultimately have full control over your DNS. If you resell hosting service on your VPS plan it also allows full transparency of the HostV service so your clients do not see our name when they use your services.

Let's get started...

  1. The first step in setting up your custom nameservers, is determining your IP addresses, which are included in an email to the address associated with your billing account with us

    Once your VPS account has been setup you'll receive an email with info that looks like this:

    Main IP Address:
    Initial IP Allocation:,

    The line you're looking for is the last one that shows your Initial IP Allocation. These two IP addresses are what you will use to set up your nameservers. In this case, our nameserver IPs are and

    Note: your IPs will be different so don't use these to set up your account.

    You've determined our IP addresses and you will be using '' and '' as our nameservers (where 'domain' is your actual website URL).

  2. To assign these IPs in WHM to your domain nameservers, first log into WHM (your login details will be in your welcome email that you received when you signed up for an account with us)
  3. Click the link at the very top of WHM, 'Basic cPanel/WHM Setup' is
  4. Scroll down to the Primary Nameserver section
  5. Enter '' and choose 'Assign IP Address' from the button to the left
  6. Write down the IP address assigned to this nameserver
  7. Continue on with the 'Add an A entry for this nameserver' process
  8. When you're done adding that primary nameserver begin adding your second nameserver ('') in the Secondary Nameserver section below the Primary Nameserver section
  9. Continue on with the 'Add an A entry for this nameserver' process for this second nameserver using the link located just to the left of the entry
  10. When this process is complete the server side configuration is done, and you will have IPs assigned to your nameservers: IP: IP:

    Take this info to your domain registrar.

    Note: for this tutorial, we go over the process of registering nameservers using the Cirtex domain registrar service but if you are with any other registrar, the process is very similar.
  11. To register your new nameservers on your Cirtex domain name start by logging in to your billing account at
  12. Click My Domains, in the Your Services section
  13. Click Manage Domain related to the domain in question
  14. In the Management Tools tab page, you'll see a 'Register Nameservers' option
  15. To register the nameservers, which has to be done one at a time, enter the first nameserver '' in the top entry box and the IP address for this nameserver '' in the second entry box titled 'IP Address'
  16. Click the Submit Changes button
  17. Do this process again using '' and the associated IP address for your secondary nameserver, in this case '' and click the Submit Changes button again

Now your nameservers are ready to be used. You may supply these nameservers to your clients for them to use for their accounts hosted with you, and you may also use these nameservers for your own domain hosted on your VPS immediately after the nameserver registration process has been completed.

For more information about setting up your private nameservers at a different domain registrar, check our video tutorials at

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